From our first run of shirts in 2018 (see here for intro and here for recap, with video), we have these extra shirts:
• 2002 and 2002tii shirts: $30 each, shipped.
• Fountain Square Roundie logo shirt, one left: $400 shipped.

To receive an alert for our next press run (and the custom pre-order window), please fill out the form below. Pre-ordered shirts will be $30 each, and we need a minimum of 10 shirt orders for each emblem design. (On this past run we barely cleared the minimum for "2002tii" orders.) Let us know which emblem design interests you (and quantities), and we'll see what we can do:
- 2002
- 2002tii
- future possibilities include 1600, 1800, 2000 touring, 2002ti, 2002 turbo, bavaria, 3.0CS, etc.

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