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Archive for February 2017

New to the Garage: Phillips screwdrivers

Our friend Bill at Crossroads Wheels gave us this beautiful set of Phillips screwdrivers. Bill works for Snap-on and assembled these screwdrivers himself (!). Features include the latest in handle design, hexagon bolsters for wrench-assisted turning, and tips that are precision-cut and grooved. Thank you, Bill!

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Garage snacks! My father and his wife sent us a shipment of pistachios from New Mexico. This was followed by a shipment from Ruanna, a web designer friend who’s also in New Mexico. Many thanks to all who help fuel our adventure!

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New to the Garage: Multimeter and Wiring Diagram

As we sort out the ignition and dig deeper into the wiring, two must-have tools include a multimeter and a color wiring diagram for our car. The digital multimeter (Mastech MS8268) has auto ranging, a feature which is specifically recommended in Rob Siegel’s book.

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