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Death Star exhaust port cornhole board design

In honor of “May the Fourth” Star Wars Day, here’s a DIY family project from a few years ago. We wanted to overhaul our old cornhole set and settled on a “Death Star thermal exhaust port” design — with corn hole bags as the proton torpedoes. Make your own with this design! Download links below. These…

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Fountain Square tour

We were given a tour of Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati and got to go underneath the fountain and up inside; great to see this Cincinnati icon in a brand new way. Eric and Sarah inside the fountain Many thanks to our City of Cincinnati hosts Don Eckhoff, Danny Lawson, and Earl Taggart for the…

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printed shirts

The shirts (backstory here) are finished and have been shipped! Thank you very much to all who ordered; our subframe repair will start soon. Send us a photo of your shirt with your car, and let’s see how well the colors match–or not! Extra shirts from this print run are available here, along with info…

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The Day Our Dragon Got Its Wings

Remembering another Winter Project from three years ago—and the day our dragon got its wings. It all started the previous weekend, when Cincinnati got a dump of snow. We (myself and our three youngest) built a big snow dragon by working five hours on Saturday and three on Sunday. We named the snow “mithril snow”…

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IKEA campout

People have said, “An IKEA car!” when seeing the photo of our project car spread out on the driveway. Our family knows IKEA very well; back in 2008, we camped out for the opening of the first IKEA store in Ohio. (Ohio’s second IKEA store will open tomorrow on June 6, 2017, in Columbus.) Below…

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