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RGB dinner

Rivertown Gear Busters Off-Season Dinner, January 2018. Lots of car knowledge–and lots of fun–in this community.

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2018: Vintage Prep

We’re working towards getting the car roadworthy for The Vintage in May. After a party with local 2002 experts in the Rivertown Gear Busters, we started to clean the engine bay before deciding to just drop the front subframe. Also started a Facebook page for the project.

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The Vintage 2017

We had a great trip to The Vintage in Jason’s “Beer Snob” car; we saw some familiar faces and made some new friends. Video

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“Ran When Parked” Book

I designed the book “Ran When Parked” by Rob Siegel over the course of about a week. We met Rob at The Vintage 2016 and again in Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this year–when he was working on the car whose story became this book. For the whole story of how the book came together, read Rob’s…

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Parts Swap, Dec. 2016

Had a great time yesterday at the Rivertown Gear Busters’ “Trunk Pop ’02 Swap,” hosted by Jason Gipson. A highlight of the day was watching a steering wheel swap performed in a few minutes in the middle of the street. I was thrilled to purchase a bunch of parts for $100 total. (Some were free;…

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Jason and the Gear Busters

Jason Gipson founded the Rivertown Gear Busters, the Midwest BMW 2002 Owners Group. Jason is active in online communities, makes and sells 2002-specific products, and runs Fuel Coffee in Cincinnati. We did a photoshoot of his car, the Beer Snob, for this magazine article, “A little Moxie for the soul.” Update, May 2017: Jason finished…

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Sunroof Clip

Traveled with Dave to Jake’s in Kentucky to buy some body parts—a full sunroof clip, a front bumper and a front windshield. Not sure if we’ll ever do a sunroof transplant, but I couldn’t pass up one that was so close and cheap. Thanks to Jake for letting me do some cutting (which was great…

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The Vintage 2016

Sarah and I had a great trip to The Vintage 2016, a gathering of Vintage BMWs in North Carolina. We went as spectators, but someday will go as participants! • photos • video

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