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A friend (thank you, Scott!) sold us for cheap a running E30 that needs some TLC. “E30” is BMW-speak for mid-1980s 3-Series cars. In our case, it’s a 1987 BMW 325is, black over tan, with a 5-speed. And, a working sunroof! So, we’re working on this “new” vintage BMW but not putting any of the…

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Engine Hoist & Engine Stand

A huge Thank You to Al Buchweitz for giving us an engine hoist and an engine stand. We’ll soon use both as we remove the engine and sort out items in the engine bay (while debating what to do next, engine-wise).

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New to the Garage: Phillips screwdrivers

Our friend Bill at Crossroads Wheels gave us this beautiful set of Phillips screwdrivers. Bill works for Snap-on and assembled these screwdrivers himself (!). Features include the latest in handle design, hexagon bolsters for wrench-assisted turning, and tips that are precision-cut and grooved. Thank you, Bill!

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New to the Garage: Multimeter and Wiring Diagram

As we sort out the ignition and dig deeper into the wiring, two must-have tools include a multimeter and a color wiring diagram for our car. The digital multimeter (Mastech MS8268) has auto ranging, a feature which is specifically recommended in Rob Siegel’s book.

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