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Engine Removal

We got the engine out and will set it aside for now; we’re not sure what we’re going to do, engine-wise. One cool thing with this BMW M10 engine is the ability to mount it sideways on the engine stand. Now it’s on to the engine bay and the sorting of many systems. Last photo:…

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Engine Hoist & Engine Stand

A huge Thank You to Al Buchweitz for giving us an engine hoist and an engine stand. We’ll soon use both as we remove the engine and sort out items in the engine bay (while debating what to do next, engine-wise).

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Garage Nights, Weeks 2-7

The remainder of Garage Nights was spent dealing with the mysterious engine blockage. The head seemed okay, and when we put it back on (and torqued it) the blockage was gone. So, we’re debating what to do next; options include having the head gone through, swap in a used head, swap in a used engine,…

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Garage Nights, Week 1

An eventful first week of Garage Nights (4 down, 18 to go) as we made mechanical progress while welcoming friends. Mechanically, we 1) sorted the ignition wiring to get spark, 2) enjoyed the First Start (see video), and 3) ran into A Big Problem on Night #4. While doing a compression test, the engine locked…

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