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“Resurrecting Bertha” book design

Celebrating the release of the book “Resurrecting Bertha: Buying back our wedding car after 26 years in storage” by Rob Siegel. (Author-inscribed books available here.) This is my third book design for Rob Siegel, after “Ran When Parked” and “Just Needs A Recharge.” Each book contains a spread of fun pages (thanks, Rob!); the first…

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“Just Needs A Recharge” book design

I designed the book “Just Needs a Recharge: The Hack Mechanic Guide to Vintage Air Conditioning” by Rob Siegel. (Author-inscribed copies available here.) It was a fun project, and as a bonus I learned a lot about vintage A/C systems. This is my second book design for Rob; here’s the first.

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“Ran When Parked” Book

I designed the book “Ran When Parked” by Rob Siegel over the course of about a week. We met Rob at The Vintage 2016 and again in Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this year–when he was working on the car whose story became this book. For the whole story of how the book came together, read Rob’s…

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The Hack Mechanic

Rob Siegel is a used-car salesman in Boston. (In addition to many other things…) We met him at The Vintage (see him at the 3:45 mark here) and he (thankfully) likes my sense of humor. I made for him this “photo creation” and he included it in an article for the BMW CCA Roundel –a…

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