Celebrating the release of the book “The Lotus Chronicles: One man’s sordid tale of passion and madness while resurrecting a 40-year-dead Lotus Europa Twin Cam Special” by Rob Siegel. (Author-inscribed books available here.) This is my fourth book design for Rob Siegel (“Resurrecting Bertha”“Just Needs A Recharge"“Ran When Parked”), and all have been a delight to work on.  

Design challenges on this project were the mix of different typefaces (serif for summaries, typewriter for emails, san serif for Facebook posts) and dealing with the emoji font (which is unlike other fonts and was problematic when printing b/w).

As a fan of both LOTR and project cars, my favorite line in the book is on page 84:

To barely paraphrase The Lord Of The Rings, some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for four years, the Lotus passed out of all knowledge.