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Fountain Square tour

We were given a tour of Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati and got to go underneath the fountain and up inside; great to see this Cincinnati icon in a brand new way. Eric and Sarah inside the fountain Many thanks to our City of Cincinnati hosts Don Eckhoff, Danny Lawson, and Earl Taggart for the…

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Engine Hoist & Engine Stand

A huge Thank You to Al Buchweitz for giving us an engine hoist and an engine stand. We’ll soon use both as we remove the engine and sort out items in the engine bay (while debating what to do next, engine-wise).

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New to the Garage: Phillips screwdrivers

Our friend Bill at Crossroads Wheels gave us this beautiful set of Phillips screwdrivers. Bill works for Snap-on and assembled these screwdrivers himself (!). Features include the latest in handle design, hexagon bolsters for wrench-assisted turning, and tips that are precision-cut and grooved. Thank you, Bill!

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Garage snacks! My father and his wife sent us a shipment of pistachios from New Mexico. This was followed by a shipment from Ruanna, a web designer friend who’s also in New Mexico. Many thanks to all who help fuel our adventure!

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Parts Swap, Dec. 2016

Had a great time yesterday at the Rivertown Gear Busters’ “Trunk Pop ’02 Swap,” hosted by Jason Gipson. A highlight of the day was watching a steering wheel swap performed in a few minutes in the middle of the street. I was thrilled to purchase a bunch of parts for $100 total. (Some were free;…

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