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The Vintage 2019 in the E30

We had a great trip to Asheville and back in the 1987 BMW 325is. On the way down we enjoyed being in the 15-car caravan with the Rivertown Gear Busters, while on the way back we flew solo. The car held up well–but I kept thinking, “What’s that noise?! What’s that smell?!” I had been…

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E30 Vintage Prep

We’ve been spending time getting our 1987 325is ready for a trip to The Vintage in North Carolina in May. We’ve attended before (2016, 2017, 2018), but this will be the first time as participants in our own car. We’ve worked on the timing belt, cooling system, brakes, tires/wheels, the body, and the electrical system.…

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A friend (thank you, Scott!) sold us for cheap a running E30 that needs some TLC. “E30” is BMW-speak for mid-1980s 3-Series cars. In our case, it’s a 1987 BMW 325is, black over tan, with a 5-speed. And, a working sunroof! So, we’re working on this “new” vintage BMW but not putting any of the…

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