[ Sold ]

For Sale: Vintage Gretsch Round Badge 14x14 floor tom in rare black/gold Anniversary Sparkle from 1960-ish.

Condition: Fair (partially torn wrap) to Good (everything else).

The wrap is shiny but has a section missing near the seam, opposite side of the round badge. The chrome is bright but has some micro-pitting. Drum is complete with die cast hoops, lugs, tensioner rods (which don’t match), functional mufflers, diamond plate brackets, floor tom legs, round badge, top head (new Remo CS Black Dot), and bottom head (vintage Ludwig Weather Master). The 6-ply shell is in good condition and has no extra holes. The interior is silver with no paper tag.

I was given this drum in 1980 and promptly wrapped it in black contact paper to protect the torn area and to better match my Rogers set. I recently disassembled the drum, removed the contact paper, and Dawn-cleaned the hardware; this is as far as I’ll go, restoration-wise. This drum could be used as it is (if the torn area is protected), or further restored. Thanks to my son Marcus for the great photography.