Launching the website today after creating the name, logo, and website for this project. (Cincinnati is “Brandingtown USA,” after all.)

We knew we had a winning name when we discovered the 100-year Munich connection between our city and our car. (Fountain Square is home to Cincinnati’s iconic statue, made in Munich in 1871. Roundie is a nickname for this BMW model, due to the round tail lights. Our car was also made in Munich, 100 years later in 1971.)

Someone who knows me very well said, “So… having not done very much on the car itself, all you’ve really done so far (with the Garage Party and the website) is just add more pressure to yourself, right?” To which I responded, “Uh… yeah, exactly!”

So, now it’s finally time to work on the car. This site will serve as a hub of information about the project, linking to posts on other sites as needed.