Fountain Square Roundie is a project car in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati was made in Munich, Germany, in 1871.

Roundie is a nickname for this BMW model (due to the round tail lights); ours was made in Munich in 1971.

1871 & 1971, Munich to Cincinnati.

We're a father-daughter team. Eric is a designer who likes cars. This is his first roundie, but years ago he had a 1976 BMW 2002 “squaretail” (later models had square tail lights) which he took on a fun roadtrip. Daughter Sarah is always up for a good project. (There's also a cat, but we're never really sure if he's part of the team.)


2018: Subframe repair

2017: Parts gathering, engine work, disassembly, and website

2016: Car purchase, car delivery, garage cleanup, and research



1. Have Fun ✓
2. Meet People ✓
3. Safety Third
4. Ultimately Drive (Time to get it roadworthy...)

Our Car

Background on our car with photos from the start of the project.

Read about the BMW 2002 model in this very famous review and at Wikipedia.